Jorge Garbajosa on adding Lorenzo Brown: “Playing for Spain was his dream”

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Cesare Milanti

19/Sep/22 00:28

The current president of the Spanish Basketball Federation spoke about the naturalized point guard after winning EuroBasket 2022

By John Rammas/

Berlin, Germany – Spain won the fourth EuroBasket of its history, and part of the credit must be given to Lorenzo Brown, who played perfectly the point guard role under Sergio Scariolo’s system.

After the win in the final against France, the president of the Spanish Basketball Federation Jorge Garbajosa spoke in the mixed zone about the addition of Brown.

“It was the right thing. I can’t understand everybody: everyone has his own opinion and I respect all of them. But when you work hard and you have been advised by experts, coaches, and sports directors after the injury of Ricky Rubio, or Carlos Alocen. After Sergio Rodriguez quits or the injury of Sergio Llull… he was the right key”, he said about the naturalization process of the new Maccabi Tel Aviv player.

“He did much more than what we expected from him. Since the first day, he felt like one more part of this family, as we like to call it. He felt in a right way, in a team that received him like one of us. His performance on the court shows how committed he is to our basketball. Playing for Spain was his dream, and for us, it’s a huge honor “, Jorge Garbajosa added. For his full, long answer to the topic, watch the video.