Balvin out of Eurobasket

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Aris Barkas

12/Aug/17 15:53

After Jan Vesely, Ondrej Balvin will be also absent from the upcoming Eurobasket and the Czech Republic is in real trouble.

By Eurohoops team/

Despite finishing the season injured, Balvin was expected to replace Vesely in the rotation, but that will not happen.

“I would like to apologize for the summer. The reason for my absence is my injury. When I sign a contract with Grand Canaria, I was advised not to participate in the preparation and EuroBasket, “said the player himself according to a press release by the Czech federation.

“I feel that my ankle is not quite healed yet and I will follow the recommendation of Gran Canaria. I have an important season ahead of me and I would like to have a good start with my new club, ” explained Balvin.

“When he signed with Gran Canaria and went through a medical check-up, we were told that Balvin was not in an adequate state to join our team,” the national team assistant coach and former player Lubos Barton confirmed.
“It is another big loss for the national team. Balvin was supposed to play a big role in our team and I will say it flat – I did not feel that there was any positive cooperation from Gran Canaria. That’s my feeling” added Ronen Ginzburg, the head coach of the Czech Republic.

Naturalized forward Blake Shilb is also expected to miss the Eurobasket. “Blake has decided not to join the preparation,” Ginzburg said recently. “We have a message from him that if he signs a contract for next season, he will come. But you never know if and when it will happen. I’m very disappointed.”