Milos Teodosic out of the Eurobasket

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Aris Barkas

20/Aug/17 19:18

The worst possible scenario is a fact for the Serbian national team. As the Serbian basketball federation announced Milos Teodosic will not be able to play in the upcoming Eurobasket.

By Aris Barkas/

One day after the announcement of Giannis Antetokounmpo absence, one more star who will play in the NBA in the upcoming season will not be able to compete.

According to the Serbian Federation press release “the chronic issue of Teodosic, due to which he missed part of the training camp and all the preparation games, prevents him from being completely healthy at the start of the tournament. Coach Aleksandar Djordjevic and Milos Teodosic, after consulting with the medical team of our national team and the LA Clippers, jointly made this difficult decision”.

A coach Djordjevic said: “We have to take care of the players’ health and we have made a joint decision that Teodosic should skip the upcoming competition. He is a player who has been devoted to the national team for years and his desire to play has always been great. Unfortunately, in this situation, the desire is not enough. This is a big handicap for the team, but we continue with the same ambitions”.

Teodosic is the natural leader of the senior Serbian national team since 2009.