Eurobasket 2017 Day 7 preview

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Aris Barkas

06/Sep/17 10:22

The do or die game between Greece and Poland steals the show today and provides the schedule with a real qualification thriller.

By Aris Barkas/

Few things are not decided yet in the final standings of the group phase, but as you know the devil is in the details and the possibilities about how things may end up, prove it.

So get ready for some big games and an exciting contest that will decide one of the two open tickets left for the round of 16.

Slovenia – France – Group A (14.45 local time)

This is the game that it will decide the top spot in the group standings and also the final classification of Finland. The possible three-way time if France wins is a tricky situation and here’s the explanation why.

Lithuania – Germany – Group B (14.45 local time)

This is also a contest which will decide the top spot. However, things here are simple. The winner will finish first and the losing team will be second. There’s one scenario that sends Lithuania at the third place, a defeat and a win for Georgia in the next game of the group.

Greece – Poland – Group A (17.30 local time)

The most crucial game of the day. The losing side will say goodbye to the Eurobasket, the winner will qualify.

Georgia – Italy – Group B (17.30 local time)

A win for Italy means securing the third place. A win for Georgia, however, means also securing a spot in the next phase, without needing any other result.

Finland – Iceland – Group A (20.45 local time)

It’s a game that can’t change anything on the standings for Finland – it all depends on the game France – Slovenia – but expect a great farewell party at Helsinki for the team, before leaving for Istanbul and the round of 16.

Israel – Ukraine – Group B (20.45 local time)

This game will affect the group standings only if Italy beats Georgia. If that happens, then Ukraine with a win over Israel can advance. However, the disappointed Israel should have the pride to not finish last in the group in front of their crowd.

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