Scariolo:”Navarro is a legend and legends never end”

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Aris Barkas

17/Sep/17 18:56

Sergio Cariolo and Juan Carlos Navarro had nothing but great things to say about each other after “La Bomba’s” final game for Spain which resulted in a bronze medal.

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It was clearly an emotional press conference for Spain who had just won the bronze medal in Navarro’s last game.

“First of all, I’m really proud of my team. After losing the final they achieved this success. I’m also proud of finishing my international career with a medal”, Navarro said.

When asked if he feels happy or sad about playing with the national team for the last time, Navarro explained his emotions: “A little bit of both, sadness and happiness. It was a different taste for me but it was a decision made from before and the way it finished makes me happy. I’d like to thank all my teammates for this success.”

At that point, Spain’s coach Sergio Scariolo added: “I don’t want to finish this press conference without saying how proud I am to coach Navarro over these years. He’s been not only a terrific player but teammate. In the good moments with his basketball abilities, in the tough moments with his toughness and leadership. It has been one of my richest experiences being alongside him all these years.”

Afterwards, Navarro was asked about his most memorable moment playing for the national team: “Being a part of the national team for 16 years has been an honor which has so many successes. The world cup in 2006 was the best moment but every year is important and every year you learn something. I would like to thank Sergio Sacriolo for what he said about me. It was also a pleasure for me to play for him” he concluded.

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