Partizan President: Belgrade could host a EuroCup Final 8 tournament

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Antigoni Zachari

15/Mar/20 18:14

The Partizan President discussed the potential of a “Final 8” tournament for EuroCup, held in Belgrade.

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Partizan President Ostoja Mijailovic endorsed the initiative of Virtus Bologna to have the winner of the Eurocup decided through a Final 8 tournament instead of through the playoffs and suggested that Belgrade should be the host city in a recent interview with

“At this point, the most important thing is human health. That is why we answered the questionnaire, which started by Virtus, to wait a month, and depending on the situation development, decide in which direction to go,” he mentioned.

The Partizan President then discussed the possibility of Belgrade being the host city for the potential tournament.

“If a Final 8 is the only solution, then […] I think it is in the sporting spirit for the team with the best score to be the host, which is Partizan. I would also say that by any chance, Virtus, Kazan, or someone else had the best placement. Also, Belgrade has repeatedly shown that it is ready for such a big event,” tells Mijailovic.

Τhe idea of finishing the season in the EuroCup with a Final 8 was first mentioned by Virtus Bologna GM Luca Baraldi, who also added that AS Monaco was opposed to the idea.

However, with the quarterfinals couples already decided and the season suspended until further notice, the Final 8 formula can end up being the only choice in order to have a EuroCup winner.