Zeljko Obradovic: In Europe, the only club that is equivalent to Partizan is Real Madrid

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Antigoni Zachari

28/Jun/21 16:57


The new Partizan boss was officially presented by the club Monday and talked about his goals with the club that has “produced so many important and great players and coaches”

By Eurohoops team  / info@eurohoops.net

Zeljko Obradovic returns to coaching action with Partizan and the club officially presented him through a press conference held Monday.

Obradovic talked about his decision to return to the club after nearly three decades, during which he reached the pinnacle of Europe numerous times.

“I came back because of something that comes from within, and those are the greatest possible emotions, my love for Partizan ruled. I am proud and happy to be here again. I have been in contact with Zoran Savić (Partizan’s Sports Director) for three months, we talked a lot, and I tried to help Partizan in previous years as well”, stated 61-year-old Obradovic, as adapted by zurnal.rs.

“I am glad that President Mijailović settled the situation in the club, especially financially, which was very difficult. Now we all have to try to bring Partizan back to where it belongs. There is no club in Europe that has produced so many important and great players, as well as coaches. In Europe, the only club that is equivalent to Partizan is Real Madrid. This decision was easy for me. The first time I talked to President Mijailović, I knew immediately that I was coming back and I told him that after two or three hours of conversation.”

Obradovic then talked about his goals with the club, which will compete in 7DAYS EuroCup in the 2021-22 season. A EuroLeague return for Partizan is among his ambitions, as he explains.

“I will do everything to reduce tensions in the region. That is not good for anyone, we must all have the same goal – to improve basketball. Fight on the field, and when the game is over, we extend our hand and congratulate the best side. We need to fix the atmosphere. Another thing – I would like the EuroLeague to recognize at some point that there are clubs in this region that have offered to European basketball and that there must be more clubs in that competition that will be permanent participants”.

“Ambitions – the greatest possible! I know what is expected of me, we must try to bring Partizan back to the EuroLeague. And when we get there, [the goal is] not to be a member of the elite for a year, but to be there for a long time! I promise to work, and at the end of the season, I want us all to sit down and say that we worked hard and did everything in our power to reach this goal”.


Photo: Partizan / Twitter