Slask’s Kolenda was fouled by Partizan’s LeDay in final seconds

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17/Dec/21 11:45

Euroleague Basketball found a mistake in the referring at the end of the clash between Partizan and Slask Wroclaw

By Eurohoops team/

Partizan NIS got the better of Slask Wroclaw in the latest 7DAYS EuroCup clash but only after putting on a late comeback and turning the tables in the final minute.

However, a debatable contact happened with five seconds remaining after which nothing was called and the ball was given to Partizan after going out of bounds.

That said, Euroleague Basketball found that there was a foul by Zach LeDay on Lukasz Kolenda and the player should’ve been awarded two free throws. Partizan was leading at that moment 74-73.

Euroleague Basketball:

Following speculation surrounding a play towards the end of the fourth quarter during the Partizan NIS Belgrade-Slask Wroclaw game played on December 15, 2021 in Round 7 of the 7DAYS EuroCup Regular Season , Euroleague Basketball’s findings are:

In the fourth quarter with 0:05 left on the game clock the ball was inbounded by Ivan Ramljak of Slask Wroclaw. The ball was passed to Lukasz Kolenda of Slask Wroclaw who drove to the basket and made contact with Zach LeDay of Partizan NIS Belgrade, after which the ball went out of bounds. The officiating crew judged the ball to have gone out of bounds from a Slask Wroclaw player and possession of the ball on the endline was awarded to Partizan NIS Belgrade. The contact with Zach LeDay of Partizan NIS Belgrade occurred while he was inside the defensive semi-circle and while Luksaz Kolenda of Slask Wroclaw was airborne and in the act of shooting. Therefore, a defensive foul should have been called on Zach LeDay with two shots awarded to Lukasz Kolenda.