Anthony Cowan Jr. uses Maryland learnings to guide Promitheas

10/Apr/23 15:01 April 11, 2023

Giannis Askounis

10/Apr/23 15:01

Making plenty of noise in the 7DAYS EuroCup, Anthony Cowan Jr. shares his story looking to add more, maybe as an NBA player down the road

By George Adamopoulos/

Staying a Greece for a second year in a row and expanding the list of competitions to 7DAYS EuroCup, Anthony Cowan Jr. has enjoyed a brilliant campaign so far.

The Maryland product talked to Eurohoops about idolizing Allen Iverson, the lasting relationship with former teammate Kevin Huerter, the NBA, and similarities between March Madness and EuroCup Playoffs.

However, it all started in football. Instead focusing on basketball at a young age was a decision made by his mother. “Waiting to watch my football game, she saw a player getting seriously injured and made it clear that I wasn’t doing that sport anymore,” he recalled.

Iverson, the Answer, has influenced many players of future generations, including Cowan. “He is my favorite athlete and I have a tattoo of his,” he explained to Eurohoops, “I loved him, not only because my path is similar to his, but because of his values in general. His approach on and off the court really changed the league.”

His own career landed him in Greece. Following the NBA is not easy with games played after midnight in local time, but staying in touch with former teammates starring in the league extends to Huerter.

“I recently talked to him, heard from him in this big season for the Kings and them returning to the Playoffs after so many years. I am very happy for him and support him,” he said about his fellow Terrapin, “Time zones don’t allow me to watch many NBA games live, but I always search for highlights.”