Turk Telekom coach Erdem Can injured before the final against Gran Canaria

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Bojan Brezovac

03/May/23 15:19


Coach Erden Can was injured on the bus which was transporting his team to the arena after the driver purposely pushed the breaks

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Turk Telekom is getting ready to play the most important game of the season at 7 DAYS EuroCup with the final being played in Gran Canaria and coach Erdem Can was injured on the team bus while getting to the arena.

The bus driver is accused of purposely pushing the breaks after coach Can repeatedly asked him to lower the volume of the car stereo and as a result, coach Can hurt his head on the windshield.

It has to be noted that the bus service was not provided by Gran Canaria or by EuroCup. It was booked directly by Turk Telekom.

Our coach (Erdem Can) will coach tonight but unfortunately the bus driver gave us a tour of the city. We came to the 10-minute road in 40 minutes and we were almost late for training. Then he started to turn up the volume of the radio, we asked him to turn the volume down a few times. Later, when our coach wanted to get up and turn down the sound, he made a sudden brake and Erdem Can hit his head against the glass and hurt his neck. He trained the team with a neck brace, and now he will be taken to the hospital urgently on a stretcher. Of course, we do not want to blame the EuroCup or Gran Canaria, but unfortunately, there is an ulterior motive here and the person responsible for it must be held accountable. We are working on this right now. Of course, first of all, we hope our coach is healthy. He comes first of all.”

“Some players may be positively affected by this event, especially experienced players, but we may find it difficult to contain our younger and hotter players. Because we are a team that plays with their hearts and emotions. I hope this event reflects positively on the court. But at this point, when you ask “what exactly can the team do”, believe me, I don’t know. We’ll see what happens on the court tonight. We hope it reflects positively. In this way, we give our coach the greatest gift.”

“The biggest thing for us (Turkish basketball fans) is their prayers. Please send us your positive energy. I also ask our fans in Ankara. Let them come to Ankara Sports Hall and support us there. We will concentrate on the game. We’ll be here at game time to fight“, Turk Telekom GM Onder Kulcebas said.

According to Turk Telekom’s official announcement, Erdem Can’s rehab from his serious neck trauma could take 3 weeks.