Ukrainian referee accuses his colleagues of trying to bribe him

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Bojan Brezovac

02/Aug/23 19:48

Ukrainian referee Mykola Ambrosov got on the record on a alleged effort of bribery

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Ukrainian referee Mykola Ambrosov, who was a member of the officiating crew in the 2021 Eurocup final between Unics Kazan and Monaco, accused on an interview two of his colleagues of trying to bribe him with 10,000 euros.

More specifically, Ambrosov spoke about what happened on the eve of the second final of the 2021 Eurocup, where Unics Kazan and Monaco faced each other.

According to what Ambrosov claims, a few days before the game, Ukrainian referee Boris Ryzyk told him in a “coded way” that he was offering him 10,000 euros to blow the whistle in favour of Unics with Greek referee Ilias Koromilas being also involved in the alleged transaction.

Ambrosov, according to his statements refused the offer and did not agree to speak with Koromilas himself, stressing that the fact that Monaco prevailed 86-83 in the match presupposes that he was not bribed.

As he said per automatic YouTube translation: “What I am going to say may surprise many, but this is how things happened: three days before the game I receive a call from the most famous referee in Ukraine, Boris Ryzyk.

He tells me that Unics is ​​playing in the final, which has a Greek coach and a Greek assistant. He was approached by Ilias Koromilas, also Greek, who was a Euroleague referee and tried through him to come to an agreement with me. If I agreed, then Koromilas would talk directly with me to “arrange” for Kazan’s victory.

I didn’t say anything to Rizik and he told me to think about it for 24 hours. If I changed my mind and everything went according to plan, I would get 10,000 euros. He even gave me a Viber number to call after the match.

You all know the result though: Monaco won by 3 points…”

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