Lasme’s “war medal” from Munich

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Antonis Stroggylakis

16/Mar/16 22:15

During the game between Bayern Munich and Galatasaray, Stephane Lasme received quite the (unintentional) elbow hit by John Bryant.

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Galatasaray was defeated 99 – 89 in the first quarterfinal game against Bayern Munich and now has to cover a ten-point difference in Istanbul. However the “wounds of war” didn’t only have to do with the final result.

The battles inside the paint were many and pretty intense. During one of them, Stephane Lasme tried to stop John Bryant, of Bayern Munich and, as a result, he was unintentionally elbowed in the face. The center of the Bavarians is a big boy and notorious for his strength, so that hit was so hard that Lasme needed five stitches.

As you can see with yourself, the Gabonese center treated the whole incident with a good doze of humor. “This is what happens when you foul a guy by hitting your face on his elbow as hard as you could. Don’t do it kids. The worst wasn’t the hit but the fact that iwas and ONE! LOL” wrote the Galatasaray player on his personal Instagram profile.

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