Parker: “ASVEL will play in the Eurocup next year”

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Aris Barkas

14/Mar/17 12:54

Tony Parker revealed last night that no matter what ASVEL is going to play in the Eurocup next season and has the ambition to represent France in the EuroLeague

By Aris Barkas/

Speaking to the radio station RMC Parker explained his position, considering the fact that his team currently competes in the Basketball Champions League: “We have a very good reletionship with the EuroLeague and I have already said to the French federation and the league that we will play next season in the Eurocup. We have this vision. We want to be a EuroLeague team. I want to represent France, France should be represented in the two top European competitions”.

The French basketball icon – and also the owner and president of ASVEL – has informed the federation president Jean-Pierre Siutat, one of the main supporters of the Basketball Champions League and FIBA, about his decision: “I have confidence in Jean-Pierra. I know that he made a lot for basketball. When he decided that France will respect the position of FIBA I have said to him that I will support him for thi season. However, if there’s no change, no agreement between FIBA and EuroLeague, Jean-Pierre knows that my goal is to be part of the EuroLeague. I announce clearly that next season we are going to play in the EuroCup. I still believe that an agreement should be made for the good of European basketball. But today, there’s no agreement. We will have also for next season the EuroLeague, the Eurocup and the BCL. So, we will play in the Eurocup. I hope that in two years we will be among the teams added in the EuroLeague”.