Plaza: “My players have two balls and believed”

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Antonis Stroggylakis

06/Apr/17 00:59

Unicaja Malaga is the new EuroCup champion and Joan Plaza couldn’t have been happier after winning the third major title of his coaching career. Yet he preferred to give all the credit to the people around him, including his… “ballsy” players.

Joan Plaza praised his player’s efforts to come back from a 13-point deficit, attributing their achievement to their strong faith and… their two “cojones”.

“After the ejection of Alen Omic everything seemed to be sinking. We were down by 13 points, but we managed to make a comeback because players have two balls and believe in what we do”.

He also added, “Our coaching staff did brutal job. Our physical trainer Rafa worked really hard because we had some injured players. I tipped my hat off to Carlos Suarez who played as five abnd had intensity in his game. We made them score only four points in the fourth quarter. We had an alternative plan on defense and it came out because we believed.”

Winning the EuroCup and gaining the ticket to EuroLeague means much to the Spanish coach. “To return to the EuroLeague in this sporting way I think is incredible. My guys believed in me. They enjoyed playing. Our coaching We followed the plan, we followed the plan, and finally they deserved it. For Malaga, it’s incredible. For the club, 11 years without titles is so tough. And for me, it’s incredible to return in this way. I enjoy, but I understand that my way to understand basketball is absolutely good for the titled, good for the players, good for our club. I would like to dedicate this to my family, to all the people of Malaga, of Andalusia, of Spain. Everybody who enjoyed this with us, with me, thanks for all the help.”