Quino Colom: “They respect me much more in Russia”

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Alex Madrid

26/Feb/18 19:13


Quino Colom says he wasn’t valued enough in Spain until he became a star with Unics in Kazan.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Unics Kazan guard Quino Colom is considered one of the top playmakers in Europe. For that to happen, however, he had to emigrate from Spain to Russia and Kazan in 2015, where he says that they appreciate his game far more than during his stint in Spain.

In Russia, they like my music [the way he plays] more. They respect me much more. There I am a player very valued by the League, by coaches, players, fans… I am very well valued and let’s say that many more people come to my concerts, they like my type of music more [laughs],” Colom said in an interview with Marca.

I am in not in a hurry to return to Spain. I am very happy in Russia, really happy. We will see what happens because I have family here and Spain always attracts me a little but I am very comfortable in Kazan. There they love me and I am happy and I feel loved. I have no anxiety to return“, he added.

When the 29-year-old point guard was asked about his best game he answered:

Maybe the series we did with Unics in the semifinals of the Eurocup to go to the EuroLeague. I was the MVP of the semifinal, I made the basket to win the first game. I ended up with more than 20 points and 8 assists on average in the whole series. I think it was the best week of my career“.