Eurohoops Dome to become the first SmartCourt arena in Greece using PlaySight’s platform

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Konstantinos Dimitriou

31/Aug/18 14:34

PlaySight’s Smart sports video and analytics platform is helping athletes and teams to win more and practice more efficiently.

Founded in 2013, PlaySight is a global sports company connecting athletes, coaches, teams and facilities with the latest video and analytics technology.

After years developing weaponry and war simulators for the Israeli army and other defense clients, PlaySight’s founding partners looked to apply their skills and knowledge to a new challenge – sports.

PlaySight turns regular sports facilities and courts into ‘SmartCourts’ by connecting them to the internet and the PlaySight cloud. With permanently-installed high-performance cameras around the court, PlaySight is powering all aspects of basketball – from practice to performance. And the real power of PlaySight’s system is in the cloud – with instant video, automatic recording and analysis, full integration, content generation and more.

For basketball, the SmartCourt system consists of up to nine cameras around the court, including a 4K SmartTracker camera that automatically follows and tracks all action. In addition to live streaming, SmartCourts also provide instant replay from every camera angle, enabling athletes and coaches to take advantage of limited court time and practice with more purpose, focus, and efficiency.

Since all PlaySight video and data is stored in the cloud, it’s accessible anytime by an authorized account holder. This means coaches and players can review video instantly from a tablet on the sidelines or watch the video later from their account. PlaySight’s platform can also live stream any game or practice, giving teams new ways to engage with fans and alumni. Producing game or practice video requires no operator or editor; it’s a fully automated system.

The Golden State Warriors were early PlaySight adopters, helping the company to shape its SmartCourt technology platform in the sport. General Manager Bob Myers has seen an immediate impact with his team’s SmartCourt. “PlaySight has been a valuable tool for our coaches and basketball operations staff. The device has the ability to automatically record practices from many different angles, which enables our entire staff—including our video room staff—to assist with on-court practices and other court-related activities. It simply allows for better efficiency in his area and  that is critical for our staff.”

PlaySight SmartCourts are being utilized throughout the NBA, international professional leagues, college basketball, as well as top high schools and youth academies all over the world. On a mission to connect the next generation of athletes, PlaySight will expand into Greece this year as the Eurohoops Dome is the first arena in the country to add SmartCourt technology.