Euroleague: Free throws shouldn’t have been awarded to Wilbekin

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Stefan Djordjevic

29/Feb/20 17:29

EuroLeague Basketball confirmed that there was a foul on Scottie WIlbekin but also that the three free throws shouldn’t have been awarded

By Eurohoops team/

Euroleague Basketball announced its findings regarding the foul on Scottie Wilbekin with 28 seconds left in the Maccabi Fox Tel Aviv – Olympiacos game.

Euroleague acknowledged that there was a foul, however, it was prior to Wilbekin initiating the three-point attempt and there shouldn’t have been any free throws awarded.


Following speculation surrounding a foul call during the fourth quarter of the Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv-Olympiacos Piraeus game played on February 27, 2020, Euroleague Basketball’s findings are:

In the fourth quarter, with 27.9 seconds left on the game clock, Scottie Wilbekin of Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv caught a live ball on the playing court. He dribbled towards the basket and, with 25.0 seconds left on the game clock, Kostas Papanikolaou of Olympiacos Piraeus made illegal contact with Wilbekin. The contact occurred prior to Wilbekin initiating the act of shooting for a three-point field goal attempt. The defensive foul call on Papanikolaou was correct, however, it should have been called a foul on the floor resulting in possession for Maccabi FOX Tel Aviv on the sideline. Three free throws should not have been awarded to Wilbekin.

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