ELPA: “Ηealth of players and their families must be considered first and foremost”

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Aris Barkas

11/Mar/20 15:46


The EuroLeague Players Association expressed its satisfaction with the EuroLeague decision about games and Italy and will continue to monitor the situation, acting when needed.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

The EuroLeague Players Association issues a press release about the issue of the game between AX Armani Exchange Milan and Olympiacos, mentioning the actions made by the association on this topic and stating that they will continue to push for high-risk area games to be rescheduled and relocated, unless other drastic measures will have to come into account.

Over the last few days, ELPA has been in constant communication with Player Representatives and EuroLeague management regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the topic of playing games in the territory of Italy. An official letter was sent on Tuesday to EuroLeague and all participating clubs, urging them to take the decision of rescheduling all games out of high-risk areas.

Players appreciate efforts taken by EuroLeague to keep the regularity of the competition and the imposed restricted access to players in games that will be played with or without fans. However, in order to further protect the players and club employees, ELPA encouraged EuroLeague and the participating clubs to find a solution also by rescheduling games in high-risk areas, such as northern Italy.

The step in the right direction is that this weeks’ game between AX Armani Exchange Milano and Olympiacos Piraeus will be postponed and relocated, but most probably, other extreme measures will have to be taken as well. We do understand these days and weeks are full of evolving circumstances, and we remind EuroLeague and the clubs that when making these hard decisions, stressful situations and health of players and their families during these difficult times must be considered first and foremost.

EuroLeague Players’ Association