Ettore Messina: The emergency is once again helping people get together

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Stefan Djordjevic

16/Mar/20 20:02

Olimpia Milano coach Ettore Messina talked about the coronavirus outbreak and how it has been handled in Italy and Europe

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Olimpia Milano coach Ettore Messina has been quarantined for 14 days due to the coronavirus outbreak as was his squad and he had a chance to talk about the situation in his team, Italy, Europe as well as the US.

One of the things Messina was proud of during these rough times has been how the people in Italy connected, came together to face the danger:

“This has really been the encouraging part. We’re always discussing and fighting each other politically, and sometimes not finding a common way to fight situations. But now the emergency is once again helping people get together,” he told ESPN. “There’s a strong sense of togetherness and a strong sense of gratitude and admiration for the doctors and all the people like nurses and whoever works in hospitals. They are facing a crisis that is second to none. We’re in the same situation as in the war. Beds and emergency rooms are scarce resources, and we are at a point when we need to build tent hospitals as is done during the war. There’s a strong sense of emergency that is faced with a lot of togetherness.”

Messina also talked about how the leagues in Europe, as well as the NBA, reacted to the coronavirus outbreak, how it started, and what’s it like during the quarantine and what will change after.

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