Sergio Llull: When things go wrong, people respond and show solidarity

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Stefan Djordjevic

20/Mar/20 21:44

Real Madrid’s Sergio Llull talked about how he’s been handling the quarantine, how people, in general, have been facing the crisis and used the chance to express his gratitude to those who have to work through it

By Stefan Djordjevic/

Spain has been among the countries most hit by the coronavirus outbreak as their death toll exceeded a thousand. With that in mind, Real Madrid guard Sergio Llull noted that people reacted how they should in a crisis and came together.

He also mentioned the evening clapping which became popular in many countries: “This reaction is very positive, I think that when things go wrong people respond, they show solidarity with the rest and the gesture of clapping on the balconies every day at 8:00 pm is brutal. I think that we have to thank all the people who are working. I think they are the heroes and for that applause.” 

Some people don’t know what to do from boredom during quarantine but those with kids, as is in Llull’s case, don’t have that problem: “We are fine, at home, calm and with the family. We do not have too much free time because I have a girl of a year and a half and she does not stop. We are taking advantage of the two hours when she takes a nap or when she goes to sleep to watch a series or to hang out, but during the day when she is awake she is playing, playing and playing.”

Llull has had some injury problems recently and although this is giving him more time to recover, he can’t wait to step back no the floor: “I was about to recover, I think I would have played again this week and then I have a huge desire to step on the floor again, to train with my teammates and enter that basketball team dynamic and now I have to be at least 15 more days at home.”

However, he’s also aware that he’s lucky to be able to stay safe, unlike some:  “But we cannot complain because there are people in a worse situation than us, who can’t stay at home because they have to go to work and from here it is time to thank everyone and send them a message of encouragement and of tranquility because I believe that if we do things right this will happen and we will return to normality “. 

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