Olimpia Milano president: Same economic guarantees and objectives next season

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Stefan Djordjevic

03/Apr/20 21:38


Olimpia Milano president noted that the club will have same aspirations next season and they will be able to count on the same budget as this year

By Stefan Djordjevic/ info@eurohoops.net

While the clubs are expected to take a hit financially due to the coronavirus outbreak forcing the stoppage of basketball activities, Olimpia Milano president Leo Dell’Orco noted that the Italian powerhouse will continue with the same budget next season.

“With the same economic guarantees and the same objectives, keeping the continuity. Mr. Armani [Giorgio, owner] will keep his commitment to Olimpia, the budget and development will substantially be the same as this season,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Olimpia Milano owner Giorgio Armani has been actively helping the fight against COVID-19 and the basketball team followed by giving up a part of their salaries:

“We are all, starting with Giorgio Armani, extremely proud of this gesture. Players and coaches have given up on a part of the last month’s salaries and turned it into donations. The idea started with Sergio Rodriguez, then Messina [Ettorre, coach] and the whole team joined. I consider it an important gesture because it is not taken for granted. A great act of sensitivity. We are not, however, talking about a negligible amount.”

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