EuroLeague clubs to vote on Monday for the future of the season

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Stefan Djordjevic

20/May/20 20:30

On May 25, a teleconference of 11 licensed clubs followed by an assembly will decide the fate of the 2019-20 season

By Stefan Djordjevic/

On Monday, May 25, one day after the initial date for the final decision, EuroLeague has scheduled a teleconference at which the 11 clubs with A licenses will vote whether to resume the 2019-20 season or no, as AS reported and Eurohoops sources confirm.

CEO Jordi Bertomeu will be able to intervene with his vote only in case there is a tie. Since 11 teams are voting, that scenario would happen only in the case of abstentions (a club not participating or not giving a vote).

A majority (six teams) is needed to decide after which, the Assembly that includes the rest of the 18 teams will ratify the decision and make it final.

Euroleague will present the clubs with the protocol of action, all possible scenarios, the pros and cons of resuming the campaign, and, also, the venue with two pavilions that would host games without an audience.

Belgrade seems to be the leading candidate to host the final phase but Athens, Cologne, and Kaunas are all considered by EuroLeague as possible locations.

The big question, however, is not the protocol, or the host city, but the intentions of the EuroLeague clubs and every prediction at this point about the outcome of the voting seems more than risky.

If the season continues, then the games will be held in July.

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