Mitrovic via lawyer: President’s words only convinced him and his circle of advisers

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Stefan Djordjevic

23/May/20 10:58

Zvezdan Mitrovic’s lawyer forwarded, with a statement, the Montenegrin coach’s gratitude towards fans and everybody he worked with daily at ASVEL

By Stefan Djordjevic/

ASVEL parted ways with Zvezda Mitrovic due to “serious misconduct” and the club president Tony Parker noted that “there were limits that have been crossed”.

On the other side, Mitrovic and his lawyer released a joint statement which relayed the coach’s shock, gratitude toward fans, everybody he worked with and wished him the best, as well as just a few words about Parker’s words while noting that the coach can’t comment on the case fully yet.

The complete statement, per L’Equipe:

Zvezdan Mitrovic has been severely tested by these last weeks of rumors as to his replacement as the head coach of Asvel.

He takes note of his dismissal and will not communicate on the epilogue which has just been imposed in this chapter of his career. As he will not be able to do it by voice before an indefinite period, Zvezdan would like to thank, from Montenegro, the fans of Asvel who warmly welcomed him at the Astroballe, as well as everybody in the organization who helped and supported him on a daily basis.

Zvezdan Mitrovic expresses his gratitude to the players, technical executives and managers of Asvel who have shown him, in all discretion, support and sympathy. He was very touched by the expressions of sympathy on social networks expressed by fans of Asvel and basketball in general.

Zvezdan Mitrovic thanks the many coaches from around the world from different sports who sent him a word of comfort. There is much to be said about the method, the so-called motives and the consequences of this unprecedented decision. The time and place are not, however, for oral argument, or even for commenting on the president’s words that only convinced the author and his circle of advisers.

However, this time will come if the lawyers of Asvel and I do not manage to settle quickly, and amicably, this unjustifiable situation which stunned the basketball planet. Dismissing Zvezdan Mitrovic after what he brought to this organization during the 18 months, because a referee whistled at him for a technical fault, it’s a bit as if Jean-Paul Rappeneau had fired Gérard Depardieu from the shooting of Cyrano de Bergerac, for having spoken too loud during the tirade of the nose.