Mitrovic vs ASVEL can be the first case of the Euroleague Basketball Dispute Resolution Chamber

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Aris Barkas

05/Jun/20 22:30

The new institution of the EuroLeague will be used by Zvezdan Mitrovic against ASVEL.

By Aris Barkas/

The decision of ASVEL to part ways with Zvezdan Mitrovic will make history after all. As it was announced today, Mitrovic will present a case in the EuroLeague Basketball Dispute Resolution Chamber, which will issue a verdict for the first time.

According to a press release signed by Mitrovic’s French lawyer Me Xavier Le Cerf Galle and published by “L’Equipe“: “With no amicable agreement having been found with ASVEL, the Euroleague will be presented this weekend of a request for mediation. This is a necessary procedure, before any legal proceedings for litigation, provided for by the Euroleague rules.

ASVEL is asked to 1 °) clarify the administrative situation of Zvezdan Mitrovic as soon as possible, who has neither received his May salary nor received the documents enabling him to be paid for by unemployment insurance.

2 °) pay Zvezdan Mitrovic the compensation due for the unjustified, unjust, and particularly brutal dismissal procedure he suffered, which is founded to things (“Technical fouls for recurrent behavioral deviations in games, damaging the club’s interests and image”) which are incapable of constituting a legitimate reason for dismissal, and who are above all affected by prescription under labor law.

Mediation before the Euroleague will be the last chance to settle this unacceptable situation amicably. “

Of course, the critical issue here is that according to this press release, the justification for Mitrovic getting fired was that he was getting too many technical fouls.