Ali Koc: We respect Obradovic’s decision, but life should go on

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Antigoni Zachari

27/Jun/20 14:21

Ali Koc spoke about the process of negotiation with Zeljko Obradovic, his departure from the club, and gave a timeframe for the team’s new coaching staff structure.

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Fenerbahce President Ali Koc spoke to Anadolu News Agency after the news of Zeljko Obradovic‘s departure from the club and his decision to withdraw from coaching for a year. Koc explained the process of negotiations between the two sides, Fenerbahce‘s guarantees, and the mutual respect regardless of the turnout of the negotiations.

“In various meetings we had with our coach during mid-season, we agreed to leave the subject of the new contract at the end of the season at his request. At the end of the season, after arranging the payments of our entire team, we sat at the table with our coach. As soon as the borders were opened due to the pandemic process, our coach came to Istanbul. Really hot talks took place. We have told our minds, our thoughts, budgets and what we can do in a realistic way. Although we had delays in payments due to some difficulties this season, we also promised that there will be no delays with a lower budget next season. However, as we have created our current roster, we have conveyed that we will fully structure our roster upon the requests of our coach. He also shared all his thoughts with us sincerely and stated that he would talk to his family and make his final decision. Later, our coach informed us of his decision and sent his letter on Tuesday night and stated that he did not want to coach a team for one season. We respect this decision of our coach, which upset us all,” said the Fenerbahce boss.

Koc then gave a timeframe for the team’s next mission, which is to find Obradovic‘s replacement within the course of a month as he explained.

“Obradovic is part of this family. He is one of the most valuable names of Fenerbahçe history. In our first game with our fans, we will organize a “thank you ceremony” that suits our legend. Our relations with him and our consultations for Fenerbahçe will always continue. However, life has to go on and on. With this reality, we have to take the most logical actions quickly within the framework of the goals and realities. In this context, we will find and announce our new coach and roster structure within one month. I think that we will set out on a good path with an energy and an initial story with a coach and player roster with a high “cost – contribution” index. Compared to the previous season, we will necessarily create a lower budget roster. As I stated before, some of us in our community may react to this. But we have to be responsible for the future of Fenerbahçe and take rational steps with courage under the conditions we are in. When the conditions of our club have improved in the coming years, the basketball budget can be reinstated”