French Federation president: “EuroLeague only wants to take”

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Giannis Askounis

28/Jul/20 16:24

Jean-Pierre Siutat, FFBB president, lays out a new status for the French teams competing in the 7DAYS EuroCup.

By Johnny Askounis/

The French Federation president Jean-Pierre Siutat through the YouTube show “Referee time” discussed the Euroleague Basketball competitions and the impact on French basketball. His interview included a look into potential scheduling conflicts forced by the 7DAYS EuroCup calendar.

“The EuroLeague is a very nice competition, but these people respect nothing,” he pointed out, BeBasket relays, “Taking the referees for example. FIBA and the French Federation invested to have high-level referees. These referees were afterward offered the opportunity to work EuroLeague games. But the compensation from EuroLeague to those who trained them? Nothing, not existent.”

“The same goes for the coaches, the same for the players as well,” he added, “There is no return on investments, unlike the NBA and buyouts. EuroLeague only wants to take.”

On EuroCup with Monaco, Metropolitans 92, and Bourg gearing up for the 2020-21 edition, the FFBB president warned that the French teams may face double fixtures between the Jeep Elite Pro A and EuroCup moving forward, No similar issues will affect Turkish Airlines EuroLeague participant, LDLC ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne.

“We have always permitted French clubs to compete in the EuroLeague and we protect them in terms of scheduling. We will not do so for EuroCup,” he said, “The middle-ranked teams can join the EuroCup and good for them but they will not be protected. Ultimately, it is up to the national league organizers to set the calendar, but if it at some point there are conflicting schedules, the clubs will have to choose. Quite simply a private structure only trying to earn money that offers no returns in investments is something we can not accept.”