EuroLeague to reportedly increase its prize fund

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16/Aug/20 20:11

It seems that EuroLeague will go through financially in the upcoming season despite the cancelation of the previous one

By Stefan Djordjevic/

EuroLeague Basketball will, despite the cancelation of the previous season, increase in the 2020-21 season the prize fund for clubs, which includes resources from the market pool and also rewards sports results, according to

Every team will, regardless of the results, cash in a minimum of 1.5 million euros if they own a long-term license or a minimum of 500,000 in case they don’t own one.

As was the case in the past, every win will have a particular value while the novelty for this season – and this season only – being that the best 14 teams will be rewarded for the final placement and there will not be a prize for each game.

According to the same report, the 14th place will get 150,000, which will be added to the minimum revenue from the market pool, and the prize will progressively increase toward the top of the standings, up to the 1.5 million euros that will belong to the champions. Getting to the final four equals a 650,000 euros prize.

This way, as it was announced after the recent general assembly of the clubs, there will be more financial stability for everyone. Considering the COVID-19 related circumstances, just for this season, more revenues will be guaranteed for everyone, and monetary prizes will be less dependent on the on-court results.

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