Olympiacos proposes travel allowance for teams and direct contact with local governments

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Antigoni Zachari

10/Sep/20 22:15


Olympiacos made two propositions at the clubs’ Thursday conference in regard to the COVID-19 protocols for the new EuroLeague season.

By Eurohoops team / info@eurohoops.net

EuroLeague clubs held a teleconference Thursday and agreed in principle to the COVID-19 guidelines ahead of the new season with the details currently in discussion and the protocol soon to be finalized.

Among the discussion for the guidelines, Olympiacos made two propositions to EuroLeague President and CEO Jordi Bertomeu, concerning practical issues arising.

The Greek team first suggested the competition and Bertomeu himself to get in touch with the governing bodies of each participant country, in order to request an allowance for teams traveling back and forth within these regions. Given the fact that many European countries have strict travel restriction policies, such an exception would make teams’ commute easier.

The second suggestion concerned a connecting link between the EuroLeague and the respective government of each country. Olympiacos proposed that this can be achieved by appointing a competition official in each country, in order to be in touch with the respective government and tackle any issues in regard to the pandemic faster.