Ettore Messina: We need strong leadership from EuroLeague to face this unknown territory

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Antonis Stroggylakis

12/Sep/20 18:11

Ettore Messina expects a EuroLeague season unlike everything we’ve seen before.

By Eurohoops team /

Olimpia Milano coach Ettore Messina talked about how the upcoming EuroLeague season is going to be different than any previous one due to the overall effect of the coronavirus crisis.

“It will not be normal of course,” Messina said after Milano‘s preseason win over German EuroLeague team Alba Berlin. “Right now there are countries where you have to ask for permission to check in. There are rumors that maybe Israel will lock down the country again. There are countries that when you come back to your own country you need to quarantine.”

“For sure, it’s a moving situation. We need a lot of flexibility,” Messina added. “We need a lot of cooperation among the different clubs. And we need a strong leadership from EuroLeague to face this unknown territory. When I say strong leadership I mean that there’s going to be a lot of work for everybody. Clubs. League. Officials. I also think that it will not be easy for the referees to travel. There’s got to be a lot of work to anticipate all the different scenarios, to find solutions together.”

Messina mentioned how EuroLeague should be prepared to implement all sorts of plans to pass all sorts of potential obstacles.

“And also I think there’s got to be a lot of open mind. And even last-second resources, in terms of seeding games or having a referee traveling with a team because the team is using its own plane. Or maybe using a local referee. All the usual standards might not apply. But the purpose is to keep playing and to be with fans on the court as long as possible and enjoy the Final Four at the end of the year.”

Photo: Olimpia Milano