Andrey Vatutin: EuroLeague may cease to exist if the season is not completed

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Antigoni Zachari

16/Sep/20 14:35

The CSKA boss believes the EuroLeague as competition may cease to exists if the 2020-21 season is not completed.

By Kostas Ioakimidis /

EuroLeague is expected to make its return next month with a lot at stake in regard to the development of the season in the COVID-19 era. CSKA President Andrey Vatutin noted the importance of completing the season at the TASS.

“Euroleague is making every effort to make the season start and happen,” Vatutin said. “It is almost certain that there will be many factors outside of basketball: rescheduling and cancellation of games, positive COVID-19 tests, and technical losses. Medical regulations have also been developed for crisis situations and all clubs are in close contact with the organizers.”

“If for some reason the season is not completed, we risk losing the entire tournament. Therefore, the intension is to start and end the season at any cost,” added the CSKA boss. “We are preparing for the worst, we are hoping for the best.”

Russian Basketball Federation President Andrei Kirilenko also highlighted the uncertainty for next season.

“Speaking of the upcoming season, there is a lot of uncertainty. I am sure that we will face situations related to coronavirus cases in the teams, with games that will have to be postponed. We hope everything goes smoothly, but the preseason shows us that the teams are facing difficulties,” he said.