Ataman: Efes is one of the teams that suffered greatest injustice in history of sports

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Stefan Djordjevic

23/Sep/20 19:04

Ergin Ataman talked about the way the last season was (not) finished and that it was a big injustice suffered by his squad while also noting the importance of fans in the upcoming campaign

By Stefan Djordjevic/

The start of the new season is getting closer for Anadolu Efes and its coach Ergin Ataman is awaiting the chance to set straight the “injustice” from the last season which wasn’t finished but should have been, in his opinion.

Anadolu Efes is one of the teams that suffered the greatest injustice in the history of sports… It is a team that was two wins ahead of its closest rival with only six matches to the end of the regular season and we were shown as the biggest candidate for the championship by all the authorities. At that time, it was right to stop the matches. There is no valid reason why the season did not end. Especially after seeing the NBA and football leagues… There is a great injustice done to us. There was no guarantee that we would be champions but if we were going to lose, we should have lost on the court,” he told FANATIK.

The coach also talked about having fans in the stands and that it might be much harder to provide motivation if they aren’t allowed to watch the games.

“We have some disadvantages before the new season. The most important thing is the audience. We were enthusiastic with the audience because the basketball we played was enjoyable. We have stars both at Sinan Erdem (Arena) and outside who like to play with the audience. If the matches are without spectators, we may have trouble providing motivation.”

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