ASVEL clarifies its coronavirus protocols following a number of positives

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Stefan Djordjevic

12/Oct/20 14:27

After four positive COVID-19 cases. ASVEL decided to publish a statement explaining the testing procedures they’ve been using since the start of the season

By Eurohoops team/

ASVEL has been one of the club recently struck by the coronavirus as the coach and three players have been found positive.

One of those cases was found out about during the game against Cholet in French League and the player was immediately taken out.

With all that in mind, the club decided to publish a statement explaining all the precautions and procedures they have been taking for both the EuroLeague and France.


As required by the LNB health protocol since the resumption, the entire professional workforce is subjected to an RT-PCR test at the start of each week. EuroLeague also requires this test 72 hours before and 24 hours after each match. As an additional precaution, the club has acquired antigen tests and a club physiotherapist has been trained in sampling techniques, as the legal provisions allow. In addition to the already strict health protocols, the club has therefore decided to redouble its vigilance in this very special period and to carry out these antigenic tests in the event of a possible symptom felt by one of the staff members or players.

It was through these antigenic tests that three positive cases were detected on Friday afternoon (one player) and early Saturday morning (the coach and another player), and immediately isolated from the rest of the group. But again as a precaution, an RT-PCR test and an antigen test (all negative results) were carried out by the whole group before taking the direction of Cholet. All of these processes were communicated in real time to our opponents in the Euroleague (Milan) and LNB (Cholet), as well as to the authorities. The health committee of the LNB meeting on Saturday afternoon confirmed to us the holding of the match in Cholet on the basis of this information.

A few minutes before the kick-off of the match in Cholet, another positive result reached us. The information was again transmitted immediately to the LNB and our staff, in accordance with sporting regulations, released this player registered as a holder on the score sheet, at the first stoppage of play.

Beyond the tests imposed by the various protocols, the club wants to be exemplary by multiplying the precautionary measures, in order to protect all the players in French and European basketball. LDLC ASVEL wishes a speedy recovery to the members of its workforce affected by covid-19 and thinks of all those impacted by this unprecedented crisis.

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