Jonas Jerebko blasts EuroLeague for Khimki’s double-action week defeats

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22/Oct/20 16:36

Jonas Jerebko discussed the impact of EuroLeague’s COVID-19 guidelines for Khimki thus far in the season

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Khimki Moscow is among the EuroLeague teams that have completely crippled due to COVID-19 infections in the roster. The squad played all its EuroLeague games so far, counting four defeats in equal games, in the wake of multiple absences including those of Alexey Shved, Janis Timma, and Jordan Mickey.

However, unlike other teams that couldn’t register the minimum required amount of players according to the previous set of EuroLeague’s COVID guidelines, that option was not available for Khimki that had eight players available to register. In case the club denied to play or travel, they would lose the game 20-0 by forfeit and not because of COVID-19 infections within the team.

The fact remains that Khimki was defeated having key absences and Jonas Jerebko discussed Euroleague’s previous rules that couldn’t let Khimki’s games be postponed as they did with other teams in a recent interview with Sports Rabbi.

“It’s bullsh—. Before we flew to Madrid the Euroleague didn’t let us reschedule and the club wanted to fight for a win instead of giving up. We went there with 5 guys and 3 juniors and out up a good fight. The Euroleague said it’s either you play or lose. But they gave other teams a chance. It’s bullsh—”, says Jerebko.

“Our general manager was there and he tried to reschedule the games but they didn’t let us and we made the decision to battle for the win. Then they go and say they can reschedule other team’s games?”