Vanja Marinkovic out three months

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Stefan Djordjevic

06/Nov/20 19:22

Vanja Marinkovic suffered a complex right shoulder injury and will be recovering for at least the next three months

By Stefan Djordjevic /

Vanja Marinkovic was ruled out for the EuroLeague game against Olimpia Milano after he suffered a right shoulder injury (the shooting arm) at practice.

The 23-year-old Serbian sharpshooter underwent the necessary surgery to fix the acute dislocation of the shoulder along with the additional damage suffered because of it.

The injury was rather complex, according to Valencia’s doctor, and his estimated time off will be around three months.

The surgery went well, without complications and the player was doing very well in the postoperative period. First, there is a period of immobilization for two or three weeks but he will still be doing isometric exercises. Next up will be progressive work including also exercise in the water. If everything goes well, Marinkovic will b e able to start practicing with the squad in three months.

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