Barcelona Director on Heurtel: “If he signs with another Spanish team, we will not compensate him”

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Giannis Askounis

28/Dec/20 10:08

FC Barcelona director presents the way out for Thomas Heurtel

By Johnny Askounis/

Albert Soler, FC Barcelona Director of Professional Sports, tackled the issue centered on the team relationships with Thomas Heurtel shortly after the ACB Regular Season Round 16 win versus Real Madrid Sunday. He made the club’s intentions clear in resolving the situation as quickly as possible.

“When we were informed on the talks with another Spanish ACB team, we decided he will not return with the team,” he mentioned referring to the French point guard left behind in Turkey last week, “But he was not left helpless in Istanbul. The cost of the hotel and the plane ticket to return was covered by the team.”

Heurtel, 31, on the verge of being released traveled with the Spanish powerhouse prior to the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Regular Season Round 16 game versus Anadolu Efes. The issue blew up when he did not return with the team back to Barcelona, as thoroughly documented in recent days. Soler’s explaining largely confirms the recent press release explaining the team’s point of view.

“The approaching January 6 EuroLeague deadline forces a quick resolution,” he added and went on clarifying Heurtel’s current status and his way out, “Thomas is no longer part of our team. We will facilitate his departure. If he signs with another Spanish team, Barca will not compensate him.”

Barcelona is prepared to let him go despite his teammates preferring him to remain, as reported by Eurohoops. However, if the player elects to continue his career in Spain with another team, Barcelona wants to release him without paying any competition for the remaining duration of his current contract.