Andrea Trinchieri: In my opinion, we won the series 3-1

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Antigoni Zachari

10/May/21 12:09

Andrea Trinchieri talks about Bayern’s efforts in the playoffs series against Milan and says his team deserved a Final Four spot for the way they fought in all five games

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FC Bayern Munich made history in German basketball to become the first team of the nation to qualify to the EuroLeague playoffs, a feat that left Andrea Trinchieri happy, despite not being able to reach the Cologne Final Four.

Bayern gave way to Olimpia Milan, as the series ended with a thrilling Game 5 in Italy and Trinchieri talks about the efforts of his players and explains that, in his opinion, his team has won the series 3-1.

“The first game that we lost could kill any team in the world. It could kill an elephant. The biggest success was going there to play Game 5, after that loss. Basically, we won the game. Only one play was not executed in a proper way. This happens, we are human beings”, Trinchieri stated as the latest guest of the Open Court Podcast of FC Bayern Basketball.

“We were a bit so and so in the second game, but still we fought. Usually, you lose by 30 in game two, it’s always like that if you look at the history (of the playoffs). So, in my opinion, we won the series 3-1. But, it’s a different thing. I have to be situational, I have to understand how big was our effort to win two games in a row in that way with two guards out of the roster when Milano‘s strength is in the guards”.

“I’m really thankful and I will say, for once very silently, happy, because I don’t look at what we got, I look at what we deserved. For how we played, we deserved the respect and we deserved to go to the Final Four. This is enough to survive”.

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