Micic, Tavares and Jokubaitis complete the 2021 ELPA Players’ Choice Awards

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Stefan Djordjevic

10/Jun/21 17:16


Vasilije Micic, Walter Tavares and Rokas Jokubaitis joined the winners of the first-ever 2021 ELPA Players’ Choice Awards

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

The 2021 ELPA Players’ Choice Awards was the first-ever of its kind where players themselves decided on the victors of nine awards. The winners were announced over three days and the circle got completed with the MVP, the Best Defender, and the Best Young Player – Vasilije Micic, Walter Tavares, and Rokas Jokubaitis respectively.

The 2021 ELPA Players’ Choice Awards:

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: Vasilije Micic (58.9% of votes)

“Best performing individual, who also had the biggest impact on his team’s overall play”

BEST DEFENDER: Walter Tavares (33.9% of votes)

“Most dominant defensive player with the biggest impact on his team’s defensive play”

BEST YOUNG PLAYER: Rokas Jokubaitis (39.3% of votes)

“Best performing young player (U-22)”

MOST CLUTCH PLAYER: Cory Higgins (44.6% of votes)

“A player that best performed under pressure and when games were on the line”

MOST IMPROVED PLAYER: Achille Polonara (42.9% of votes)

“A player that has shown biggest improvement from his previous EuroLeague season”

BEST 6TH MAN: Will Clyburn (33.9% of votes)

“A player that started more than half of EuroLeague regular season games from the bench and had biggest impact on his team’s overall play”

MOST RESPECTED PLAYER: Kyle Hines (69.6% of votes)

“A player that earned most respect and embodied a true role model, on and off the court”

BEST NEWCOMER: Dyshawn Pierre (44.6% of votes)

“Best performing individual who played his first season in EuroLeague”

FAIR PLAY: Nick Calathes (37.5% of votes)

“A player with exemplary behavior on the court, promoting the spirit of fair play and showing qualities such as fairness and respect”