Pierria Henry: “Our goal is clear, to win titles, nothing less”

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Stefan Djordjevic

17/Sep/21 18:03


Pierria Henry talked to Eurohoops about Fenerbahce, his fellow teammates, goals in the upcoming season, and more

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

One of Fenerbahce BEKO’s recent additions in Pierria Henry talked to Eurohoops’s Bugra Uzar, answering a number of questions including why he joined the team, his teammates, goals, and even what he would do after retiring.

“I tried to choose the right thing for my family and the most comfortable option for me. Ultimately, the choice here comes down to who wants me more, will let me be myself, let me play my own game, and accept me with my faults. I love playing with Achille (Polonara) so much that making this choice came above everything else and seemed more logical. Knowing the history of this club, I want to leave my mark and bring as many championships to this club as possible. The atmosphere in home matches and the atmosphere created by the fans are also magnificent,” Henry said and commented further on Polonara’s impact.

“He convinced me. He didn’t actually say much. He didn’t actually say what he was going to do, but I know my brother. I understand when I see something in your eyes. I understood then. I called him while weighing my options. He told me the situation. I said I would follow him. Really. He is one of my favorite teammates I’ve played so far. It’s great to keep playing together, making history and winning championships together. He’s great. He’s not just a great basketball player. I love his concentration, his passion, his talents, but I also really love him as a person. Going after him was the right decision.”

He also shared a few words on one of his new teammates, and backcourt partner, Nando De Colo, who he’s been admiring very much.

“A true professional. Olympic athlete. He’s legendary. It’s amazing for me to be able to talk to him whenever I want. You can’t understand, man. He taught me one of the biggest lessons last season. He scored 30 points, but it was as if he wasn’t struggling at all. I can see why. I can see how you do it. It always impresses me. Every day.”

That said, Henry sees Fenerbahce as a team with a great amount of talent and potential which can mean only one thing – aiming for the trophies.

“Our goal is clear: to win championships, championships and titles. Nothing less. It’s the one thing we work for, every day, every step of the way. We will go better. We will do our best to achieve these goals. The championship is the only result we can accept. This is the only result we will be satisfied with. We don’t have excuses like ‘what if’ or ‘but…’. We have the right team, the right coach, the right structure, experienced players, fan support, everything. All we have to do is make it possible because no one is going to take it and give it to us. We have to go out and get it. We are ready to spend time and effort on this. We will give all our energy to become a champion.”

Henry also mentioned a few words about his life after basketball and he will most likely decide to part ways with the sport completely.

“I definitely want my good in this world to outweigh my bad. But when I quit basketball, I will quit completely. It will be over. I’m going out, I’m going to retire. I will spend time with my daughter, watch her grow. If God permits, I will have more children. I’ll make up for the time I didn’t spend with my nephews. When I quit basketball, I will quit completely,” Henry said.