Shane Larkin on fifth foul vs. Barca: Fu-kin Bullsh-t

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Antonis Stroggylakis

03/Dec/21 22:47

Shane Larkin lashed out against the call that forced him to exit the game vs. Barca early in overtime.

By Eurohoops team/

Anadolu Efes star Shane Larkin fouled out with 3:44 remaining in the overtime loss of his team against Barcelona. According to the replay, the American guard didn’t commit anything illegal when he was called with a foul on Barca guard Kyle Kuric that forced him to exit the game.

He later expressed his frustration with the call on Instagram.

“I don’t ever come to Instagram with stuff like this but this is bullsh-t,” Larkin wrote in an Instagram story that included a video of the play where he was called with his fifth foul. “Unbelievable. This is how I foul out of the game. Watch the rest of the clip and tell me where the foul is.”

Man [the referee] had his hand raised before anything even happened,” Larkin added. “He wanted to call this shit lol please tell me where the foul is. The other team’s star player (editor’s note: Nikola Mirotic) fouled out and this guy wanted to call some sh-t on me to get me out of the game too. Congrats to Barcelona on a tough win. I’m not taking anything away from them or their players… they earned a tough W. But this call is fu-kin bullsh-t.”