Hines: I won’t accept disrespect towards my teammates and coaches

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Stefan Djordjevic

04/Feb/22 11:34


Kyle Hines made a statement regarding the scuffle with Marko Guduric

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Fenerbahce BEKO outplayed Olimpia Milano in a defense-first type of clash in Euroleague but the spotlight went to the commotion on the court after the game ended, a scuffle between Kyle Hines and Marko Guduric with the rest of the players joining as well.

While not all the details have been revealed, Hines did make a statement after a few hours, explaining what prompted his actions. The four-time Euroleague champion wrote the following via Twitter:

“For all the Fener Fans in my comments and DM’s.

Basketball is a game. I can accept the results or lose a game. I can accept if an opponent outplays me on a given night.

But what I won’t accept is intentional disrespect towards my teammates and coaches.

Gudruric is a great player and had a great game. But what he said at the end of the game towards our coach, wasn’t needed.

And I let him know that I wasn’t going to let that happen. My responses may not be viewed as correct, but I’m a person of respect and I will always defend my guys when I feel like someone isn’t doing the same.

When we were in Istanbul earlier in the season, and we won by a large margin, no one on our team was disrespectful during the game. We played the game and left it there.

A loss is a loss. A game is a game. But disrespect I won’t let that slide.

Enjoy the rest of the Euroleague Season.”