Euroleague postpones Bayern-CSKA

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24/Feb/22 16:23

Euroleague granted Bayern’s request to postpone the game against CSKA while the German television wasn’t going to broadcast it even if played

By Eurohoops team/

Euroleague has found itself in the middle of the indirect mess caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine. The central part of the problems is the schedule of the competition, that is, the games against the three Russian teams – CSKA Moscow, Zenit Saint Petersburg, and UNICS Kazan.

And while the 18 clubs will meet on February 25th remotely in order to reach an agreement on the whole situation, some decisions had to be taken even sooner.

Such is the case with the clash between Bayern Munich and CSKA Moscow in Germany. Eurohoops sources confirmed that the German club asked Euroleague to postpone the match and Euroleague decided to grant the request.

According to the Munich Journalist Robert Heusel, who also reported the postponement request of Bayern, CSKA is in Munich and both teams prepared “normally” to play the game.

Additionally, it had been announced that the game will not be broadcasted on German television before the postponement came to fruition.