Micic: I have the desire to go to the NBA but only in a way that I actually play there

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Vasilije Micic talked about the NBA and Oklahoma City Thunder, as well as his stay at Anadolu Efes where he found happiness

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Vasilije Micic signed a three-year extension last summer and while his deal with Anadolu Efes includes NBA outs, the Serbian guard will only agree to move to the States if he gets the playing time there. Otherwise, he’s happy where he is.

“Honestly, I have a desire to go to the NBA. But in a way, and I told that to the people from Oklahoma, to actually play there. I don’t see myself going there to tell my neighborhood friends that I was in the NBA and bring them back an OKC jersey. That doesn’t inspire me. I also came to Efes when they were at the bottom, and I had offers of some, perhaps, better-standing names,” Micic said on Mozzart’s “Na Ivici Terena” (On the Court Edge). 

“In my experience, I saw that what inspires me is to play, to be part of the team, to give my maximum. It doesn’t always have to be the main role, but I will always fight for what is given to me and I will give my maximum. Everything else is not in my hands. I don’t see going there in a way that I’m just part of the team. They know it, I honestly told them. It may sound arrogant and prepotent to some, but that’s the way it is.”

He also doesn’t really follow what the public comments about him, whether it’s his decisions or gameplay.

“I haven’t really heard the NBA league ‘cry’ for me. Jokes aside. I don’t follow (what is said and written). I don’t even follow what is happening in the Euroleague. That is a mitigating circumstance for me. That puts a lot of pressure on young players and players my age, that burden with results, statistics and who says what. I went through that early in my career and I know how much it affected me. As for the NBA, I really don’t know what’s going on. I have some pro forma contact with people from Oklahoma. They are interested in how I am, how my life is going, but they also mostly know everything. They can’t miss anything. My job is to play…”

That said, he praised the Efes organization and confirmed that he is happy where he is, and that is all that matters.

“The organization at the club is extraordinary. People are trying to give the best to the players. All players enjoy the highest respect from everyone in the club. From the hall cleaner to the club president. I’m happy here. That is the only measure in my life. I was not burdened at all, neither when I came, nor which emblem is on my chest, nor which sponsor is on my jersey. First of all, I look for that feeling of happiness and that I am calm. I have been here for three years and the extension of my contract last summer speaks volumes about everything. I hope that it will continue like this, I am not making long-term plans and I am going day by day, so what will happen.”