Pablo Laso: “Heurtel and Thompkins have never been out of the team”

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17/Apr/22 16:12

Real Madrid coach Pablo Laso discussed the status of Thomas Heurtel and Trey Thompkins and the upcoming matchup against Maccabi

By Antigoni Zachari /

Real Madrid playcaller Pablo Laso talked to the media following the team’s rout over Breogan in the ACB Sunday, discussing the upcoming EuroLeague playoffs matchup against Maccabi, as well as the status of Thomas Heurtel and Trey Thompkins.

Earlier in April, Laso confirmed that it was his decision to remove both Heurtel and Thompkins from the roster, though as he mentioned, they are still part of the team. “Thomas Heurtel and Trey Thompkins have never been out of the team”, Laso commented as adapted by Gigantes.

“They are doing specific work. They are working outside the team and in that sense, I don’t have much more to say. We will see when we reincorporate them if they will return to play or not, but there is no doubt that they have not been out of the team. They have been training with a specific job and I am glad that they have come to the game today and that they have supported their teammates”, added Laso.

The Real Madrid head coach also noted that none of the two have been injured, and continue to do individual work. “I understand that you ask me a lot about this but they have never been on the sidelines”, he said. “They have done a specific job like other players do. […] For me they are in the team, it has no greater history. I hope they join the team and make us stronger, that’s the only thing that interests me. No, they’re not injured”.

As for the playoffs series against Maccabi (Game 1 April 20, 21:00 CET), Laso stated: “If my players are not motivated to play a playoff that gives access to the Euroleague Final Four, then I would be disappointed. It is very difficult to get to play this and you can ask those who have not made it”.