Pablo Laso: “We should have fouled”

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Antigoni Zachari

21/May/22 21:47

Pablo Laso comments on the last few seconds that determined the championship game

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The championship game was on to an intense finale and the last couple of possessions determined the result, allowing Anadolu Efes to escape with the victory and win its second trophy in a row.

Real Madrid head coach Pablo Laso admitted that his team should have fouled, in his post-game quotes in front of the Final Four media.

“We were one point down so it was difficult to decide,” he said. “It’s true that now, it’s “we should have fouled”. With the time remaining, more than three seconds, we could have defended and get the last possession. We didn’t get a clean rebound and we couldn’t attack. They played very smart at that possession. If you ask me if we should have fouled right now, we should have. I don’t know what would have happened”.

Laso was also asked about Efes‘ back-to-back titles, and whether this makes them the best EuroLeague squad of all time, to which he shortly answered, “No. Efes is a great team, but not the best of all time in the EuroLeague”.