The Role Player Podcast with Dwayne Bacon

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Antigoni Zachari

23/May/22 14:34

Monaco’s Dwayne Bacon is the latest guest of Anthony Goods and Jordan Taylor on The Role Player Podcast

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This week, The Role Player Podcast hosted by Jordan Taylor and Anthony Goods returns with AS Monaco guard/forward Dwayne Bacon.

Bacon, 26, talks about being a scorer in Euroleague, his frustration and depression not playing in Charlotte, his crazy pre-draft experience, and how his game has grown and adjusted this season in EuroLeague.

“I actually loved the transition, it wasn’t bad,” Bacon said. “It’s competitive, it’s more competitive, realistically than the NBA I think. Guys compete and they aren’t scared to throw two men [at you]. I mean, you can do it in the NBA but it’s never really done. It’s harder to score here [in Europe]. Overall the EuroLeague is a good league, I was surprised when I got over here of how good the league was”.

The American wing further talks about future plans and how he doesn’t plan to settle for a team where he doesn’t get enough time on the court, even if it’s a really lucrative deal.

“It’s going to be a competitive summer for me, just picking in and trying to choose the right thing for myself […] My mindset is ‘I ain’t going nowhere if I don’t get to play”

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