No decision on a new Euroleague CEO

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30/Jun/22 15:41

Euroleague shareholders had another meeting but no progress has been made in naming the new CEO of the organization

By Stefan Djordjevic/

After today’s (June 30th) remote meeting, nothing changed in the path the Euroleague shareholders have taken. A majority of six have already voted to dismiss Jordi Bertomeu but there’s no decision yet on a new CEO.

The 6-5 vote from the previous time is still valid while the decision on Bertomeu’s heir was postponed for the next meeting. There are different opinions on who is the most qualified to take the role but there is no consensus.

That is the case even among the six shareholders who voted to replace Bertomeu.

As a reminder, the previous talks were centered on the new structure of the management, which is expected to include new positions of directors. Those directors may come from the EuroLeague clubs or will be well-respected personalities in the basketball world as is the case with Dejan Bodiroga.

Still, there are no official announcements to be made yet, either for the exact structure or for the members of the management.