The Bodiroga era in the Euroleague starts officially in two days

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Aris Barkas

12/Sep/22 12:04

Dejan Bodiroga will officially ratified as the new EuroLeague president in a scheduled meeting of the clubs-shareholders on the 14th of September

By Aris Barkas/

Dejan Bodiroga will be officially the new head of the EuroLeague, while Jordi Bertomeu is leaving his position as CEO, on the 14th of September. This is the day on which the clubs will have a meeting in order to ratify the addition of Bodiroga as EuroLeague president and also the hiring of Marshall Glickman as the interim CEO, putting an end to the Bertomeu era.

While the Spanish clubs are not yet convinced that this is the best course of action, the majority has decided and everyone is already on the same page as Bodiroga has started his meetings with clubs and other shareholders working to unify the vision of all parties for the future.

Glickman already has his own meetings, while Bertomeu had no alternative but to accept the change of guard.

While Glickman will focus on the business aspect of the league – which is projected to surpass the 100 euros mark for the first time this season – and the joined venture with IMG pretty much dictates a specific course of action, Bodiroga will try to build bridges and present an even better outlook for the future growth of the league.

The 49-years old Bodiroga is one of the most iconic European players, a European and World Champion on all levels, and his resume also includes managerial positions.

In June 2007, Bodiroga became the general manager of Virtus Roma and ended his term in June 2009.

From 2011 to 2015, he served as the vice president of the Basketball Federation of Serbia. In June 2014, he was appointed as the President of the Competition Commission in FIBA Europe, a position which he doesn’t hold anymore.