Dejan Bodiroga aims to change the EuroLeague format while criticizing FIBA windows

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Aris Barkas

15/Oct/22 09:51

EuroLeague president Dejan Bodiroga admitted that he would like the EuroLeague format to change and find a solution to the scheduling conflict with the FIBA windows which he doesn’t think are successful

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New EuroLeague president Dejan Bodiroga appeared as a guest on the “360 ​​degrees” show on Serbian N1 television and he admitted that the clubs will be presented with a proposal for a new format of the competition, explaining why he thinks it’s time for a change.

Bodiroga explained: “My position is to protect the interests of the clubs, that is the Euroleague. I think that there should definitely be a conversation about harmonizing the calendar. There are four continental competitions. That’s a lot for Europe. Even for an ordinary viewer, it seems quite confusing. These November and February windows, due to the impossibility of players from the NBA and Euroleague to play, calls into question the quality of the games and everything”.

That’s why Bodiroga hopes that there can be a solution to the long scheduling conflict with FIBA

As he said: “It has been going on for a long time, more than 20 years since the clubs founded the Euroleague. Five years ago, it was voted to introduce these ‘windows’ and since then they have been applied. So far they have not given results in terms of having the best available to play. And the goal is for the best to play. And it should have been a parallel with football, but the best play in football and they don’t play in basketball. This current calendar of competitions in Europe does not allow the development of basketball in the right way. In other words, there’s a problem somewhere”.