Vildoza: I’m feeling great in Crvena Zvezda

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Bojan Brezovac

24/Nov/22 16:40

Luca Vildoza is excited to be a part of Crvena Zvezda, a team back in the winning column

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One of the players who has helped the 17th-place Crvena Zvezda get back on track with two wins in a row since Dusko Ivanovic took over is their guard, Luca Vildoza. The Argentinian is averaging a respectable 13.5 points and 4 assists in EuroLeague this season, including 21 points in Tuesday night’s win over ALBA. Fans will remember Vildoza from his previous stint in Europe with Baskonia, and he returned to Europe this season to sign with Crvena Zvezda after playing for the Milwaukee Bucks towards the end of last season.

First of all, I’m feeling great being here, one of the team’s main guys. I’m getting back to my rhythm and confidence – that’s what I needed. I had a chance I needed in the US, and I’m really happy here. I chose Belgrade because it’s a great team. I think this city and the passion they feel for the team is great, and that’s actually what I need to be confident. And being one of the main guys in the team is great, because that’s what I needed, to feel like a good player, to feel that I can be that guy on the team”, said Vildoza in an interview with Sports Rabbi

Vildoza played under new head coach Dusko Ivanovic at Baskonia and now knows what to expect in Crvena Zvezda.

Well, I think Dusko is already helping us. I think we needed to be a little tougher – he’s going to change that; he’s already doing it. The practices he’s running are what we need. To have practices, to change our mentality and not just to play 20 minutes and be good with it – to play 40 minutes and win games. It’s what we needed, I think Dusko is already helping us and we’ve got to keep going, I know we can get better.”

He talked about his NBA experience.

I was injured with the Knicks already, so I got surgery. But with the Bucks, it was awesome. I was there for the playoffs, I was on a team with Jrue Holiday, Khris Middleton, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. I think it was awesome to see how they practiced, how they play, how they take care of their bodies and play in the NBA. I played for a few minutes and that was awesome. I think being there all summer and being there for the playoffs made me a better player, and I’m happy for it.”