Dimitris Itoudis: We need more teams in the Playoffs

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Bojan Brezovac

30/Nov/22 16:34


Dimitris Itoudis calls for changes in the future regarding Euroleague playoffs

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

The Euroleague season is in full swing. We are seeing competitive basketball across the board from Fenerbahce at the top, all the way down to Bayern, Asvel, and others.

After 10 rounds we are seeing a lot of teams battling for the eighth sport which leads to the playoffs. And that is the problem according to Dimitris Itoudis, coach of Fenerbahce.

After his 200th win in Euroleague which came in Milan, Itoudis said in an interview for Eurodevotion that the playoffs need to include more teams.

It’s a highly competitive season. The difference of a few wins between last place in the rankings and a playoff spot shows how unfair it is. 18 teams and only 8 at the EuroLeague playoffs. Next year maybe there are 20 EuroLeague teams and what do we do? Do we always send only 8 teams to the playoffs? The NBA created the play-in. The solutions must be discussed in the appropriate forums but yes, play-in can be“.